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Who is aSmartWorld ?

aSmartWorld is a Walloon startup founded in 2018 that buys, refurbishes, and resells smartphones and tablets. aSmartWorld is based on the circular economy model as well as local distribution channels. 

On average, Europeans change their smartphone every two years. Restoring those unused devices, helps reduce the environmental damage that comes from the production of smartphones.  

We at aSmartWorld revalue those devices gathering dust in a drawer and give them a second (or a third) life. The firm treats them according to precise quality and security standards. It allows consumers to easily buy and without any risk (with a one-year guarantee) cheaper products but whose quality is as good as new. 

aSmartWorld is a good alternative to the expensive and new products, and the not really trustworthy second-hand ones. A refurbished device from ASW is retrieved and restored in Belgium, then sold in the EU. A tracking system allows the clients to know where their device has been sold.